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Wogi the Teddy Bear on a Chair with an anonymous bear above him

My Desk in Cornell, SP'96

Isn't it silly to not download pictures on a picture gallery

My Sock Drying Method, Isn't it pretty?

Mark Krosky studying German in Noyes Lodge during a big snowstorm.

My room at home in Brooklyn, August 96

Me at a Mets game with my dad.

My Shelf from my room, SP '94

Meet the Aumshinrikyo!

Aum Shinrikyo member statues in Shibuya Station, Tokyo

The day after Totoro was born!

Totoro doll in front of a shinto'ly' decorated rock.

A picture of the back of Patrick Stewart during his run doing Prospero
in Shakespeare's, The Tempest in Central Park.

A Picture of Me and Mike in front of the Daibutsu at Nara (KCJS style)

Me, Mike and Yamaoka sensei.

The first of the lost CJAS pictures

Bruce, K, Mari, Chuck, Shuko, etc.

Find Chuck if you can...

Bruce, K, Mari, Chuck, Shuko, etc.

A picture I drew

A funny Icon

My Cleric/Avatar

A blinking Java Image

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