Divine Love always has met
and always will meet
every human need.
-Mary Baker Eddy
Ye shall know the Truth
and the Truth shall make you free.
-Christ Jesus

Facts and Opinions on Christian Science:



I have heard individuals say that their religion is the only true religion. Others say that there is no true religion. Then there are those like me who KNOW that, this is a moot point. This is a pointless argument!

All religions have the potential to be a true religion for someone at some stage of development from a certain POINT OF VIEW. I love how Ben Kenobi says in Star Wars something like, "Everything is the truth from a certain point of view." Never put down a religion, you just have to see it from the "true believer's point of view." Then you will stop flaming other people's religions for being false, which is just a waste of time for the flamer and the flamee.

Yes, Christian Science is different from most religions. We go about healing people and performing "miracles." But so? I know Jews, Christians, and people of the Tenrikyo faith who can do the same thing. Its from God, not a religion. God is a God of people, and all life, and ALL. He doesn't care who you are, we are all EQUAL in his eyes. No I do not know any Buddhists, or people of Islamic faith who go about healing only because I do not know many Buddhists or Moslems, but I am sure they do also, along with most other (if not all) religions!

Some things that are called religions are in fact FALSE. But where to draw that line can be very difficult. And they may be in fact true religions from a certain point of view. I can in no way condone the actions of the leaders of the Aum Shinrikyo, but nor can I condone the actions of some Christian Leaders, such as Pope Julius (?) who took the church to war. But did Julius's action mean that Christianity was false? I dare say, NO!

The biggest difference between various religions is the language we use. Most religions use DIFFERENT WORDS, to express DIFFERENT CONCEPTS. If you talk with someone of another religion without understanding THE MEANINGS THEY ASSOCIATE with their WORDS, it is very difficult to reach an understanding. What you must do is trust GOD, listen, and GOD will explain what to do!

But as for Christian Science there is a reason that I follow it. It is because at least to my knowledge it is the only religion that has the potential (if you actually follow the teachings) to systematically heal and grow closer to God for any person, not just someone with a particular point of view. Our eyes and ears and so dulled by the roar of materialism that even seekers do not find Christian Science. I have even met some Christian Scientists who do not see Christian Science for what it is. It is actually primitive Christianity (Christianity the way Jesus taught it).... which is the same religion that Moses, Elijah and Elisha tried to teach, but only Jesus succeeded. Christianity was lost over the years and its ability to heal (with what is called the Holy Ghost ... but is actually nothing like that) was lost. The book called Science and Health that we use is merely a reiteration of what is already written in the Bible in a form that people from our time can understand, and we must be careful not to anthropomorphize and ritualize it the way that most forms of Judaism and Christianity have been.


There are so many, it is not feasible to list them. Some places to go are to:
  1. Get a copy of Science and Health from a Library or Bookstore and read it.
  2. Visit a Christian Science Reading Room. (A place where you can study about Christian Science, borrow books on Christian Science, and ask questions, and stuff like that.)
  3. Go to a Christian Science Lecture.
  4. Go to a Christian Science Church or Society Meeting.
  5. Go to a Christian Science College Organization Meeting.
  6. All these places are listed in a issue of the Christian Science Journal (If you can get your hands on one).

If you happen to be in ITHACA, NY, USA you can visit the Christian Science Organization at Cornell that I am a graduate member of.

(Summer: 2nd and 4th Thursdays only)
Or if you can't make it to a meeting, you can study Christian Science in our Org room:
ORG ROOM: G-20 Anabel Taylor Hall.
Meetings are held every Thursday at 7:00 in the Founders Room, Anabel Taylor Hall. At the meetings one can hear readings from the Bible and correlative passages from Science and Health. Time for testimonies of healing, questions, and remarks, is also provided. Hymns are sung joyfully as well.

If you happen to be in Japan, (KANSAI area), you can visit the Society which I was a member of.

CS SOCIETY AT KYOTO: Its hard to write the address without Kanji. Just follow the street that runs along the left side of Gosho (Is it Karasuma? I can't remember. Its East of Horikawa and West of Kamo gawa and runs N/S) north past Gosho and its on the Left Side of the street across from the barber shop. If you reach KitaOjiDoori, or the Magical Brain CD store, you missed it. Its in a Wooden Building. (Used to be a Potato shop or something)
At present I am a member of the Church in Tokyo at Omote-Sando-Eki behind the Tokyo Union Church.


This is merely a quick guide for people who regularly study Science and Health. Do not abuse this list, or take it out of its context in Science and Health. Do not use it as a formula. Do not use it as an introduction to Christian Science. Always refer back to Science and Health, especially the chapter on Christian Science Practice. I've read through that chapter so many times and I always find something new. Its all in there.
I have found each of the following ideas lead to healing in different situations:
  1. First one must consider Animal Magnetism. Its (non-existence is) important, and often forgotten, gets buried in thought and needs to be fought. I.E. its NOTHING! Don't forget!!!!
  2. EXPRESS LOVE. If you do not, DO IT!
  3. At this point or before feel free to listen to God and do whatever is needed. Originality is important. You may want to scrap this list here.
  4. ELIMINATE FEAR... if you have fear.
  5. Mentally insist that Harmony is the Reality and (any form of: (SICKNESS/SIN/DEATH)) is a temporal dream.

So many situations need different solutions... and the same seeming problem may need to be handled differently on different occasions. Remember that Jesus did not always forgive sins to heal, he didn't follow a set pattern nor did his disciples.

Here's a picture I discovered in thought to remember what God is and what God does on 7/26/99:
Whenever preparing for a Sunday or Wednesday service I pray differently, sometimes understanding the Scientific Statement of Being, sometimes the Daily Prayer, sometimes the Lord's prayer, sometimes an article from Prose works, sometimes the manual. God tells me what needs work. (I could write for hours on praying, buts its more vivid in the Bible and such) But I found a poem in my desk that someone wrote at some time, (I do not know who) and I find it very useful as a reader. It's called "The Reader Prays." I do not know if it is copyrighted or not, but until I find out I'll post it here and hopefully someone can tell me where its from or will find it useful:
The following prayer I found unmarked in the reader's desk in Tokyo, and finally found out where it is from. Its from the Christian Science Journal Vol. 49 no 13 and is by Grace K Sticlt (I think). Since it is quite old and may be hard to find, I will leave it here, so the beauty and usefulness of it are not lost forever.

The Reader Prays

Dear God, this is a sacred, selfless hour.
May I be clothed with Christ's humility
And know Thine is the glory and the power,
Not person but Thy likeness may men see.

I cannot fear while I am serving Thee
That any will power can do me wrong.
The desk - the very place I love to be -
Is not a target but a fortress strong.

Lord, bless the ones that gather here today,
Who reach out for the Truth to make them free.
For each heart filled with suffering or dismay,
Must drop its burdens, healed while praising Thee.

I pray Thy voice and only Thine be heard,
That rings out with Thy love so clear and sweet,
It gives the perfect meaning of Thy Word -
For I, too, listen humbly at Thy feet.

Another useful poem

I see myself as God's own child
perfect in his sight.
I see my fellow man as well
a perfect child of light.
I see him seeing me
see him aright.

And some closing words

Remember the wise words of Yoda which I shall paraphrase as:
"There is no try, DO."
and the wise words of Robin from the Muppet Christmas Special (1988)
"Its in every one of us
To be Wise
Find Your Heart
Open Up Both Your Eyes
We can all Love Everything
Without ever knowing why
Its in every one of us..."

Questions, comments, and criticism are joyously received.

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