T Kangの生徒たち

Michael Munday (Mr. Munday)

A nutty guy who loves Asia and Japan. Is training to be an instructor and likes people too.


Long time student. Been there a long time now. I used to spar him years ago and has moved up the ranks. I'll never forget how his glasses used to fall off during sparring when he was a brown belt.

The Cantemalis

A whole family who joined together and have been practicing in the school for over 12 years now.

Lynn Burgos

A student from my color belt class. One of the few who made it to Black Belt with me and then vanished. Whereabouts unknown.

An aspiring instructor who likes to bang his shins against walls, trees and other hard objects.

Akim and Bashkin

Two guys who had ability and loved sparring. They disappeared many years ago but were in my white belt class with me.

Eric Tseng

Old Sparring partner of Mr. Busiz. Practiced really hard, and did well. His grandfather had red hair, but was Chinese?! Is rumored to have moves over to the H. Kang Canarsie school. Always sought weird religions.


A student who practiced really,really hard the summer of '95 when I got to return to the schools. She got the student award for lower belts that summer.


Did really well until she tried a difficult jump on her black belt test and hurt her leg. She got better but I haven't seen her in the school recently.


Very powerful, fast and deadly. But a very nice guy who teaches now and can drive.


One of the youngest and best black belts from 88-92 or so. I think he moved away.


Another student from my white belt class who became an instructor and then moved away for work reasons to California...


Used to be unable to serve properly in the camp Volleyball Tournaments, but now one of the head Instructors of the Bensonhurst school.


Was the best student in the school in '86. He made it to black belt quickly, but then gave up. He then became obese. Poor guy.

Willy Marshall Sr. and Willy Marshall Jr.

Two good friends of mine. Willy Jr. joined the armed forces. I haven't seen Willy Sr in a long time either.

I forgot his name again

One of the newer instructors who I know but can't recall his name!

and many many others....