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The High Ranking Belts

Present School: T. Kang Tae Kwon Do U.S.A.

Grandmaster Suh Chong Kang

The best instructor I have had. He is most excellent. His three sons all taught at his school when I joined in '86. Since then his sons all took over their own schools, and that old nostalgic school is now a Chinese seafood restaurant. He is a 10th Dan black belt (in the ATF 9th by the other organizations). He told us many funny stories about Korea.

Some of his advice (as I recall)(heed it well):

I still hear that he stops by the schools quite often although I haven't seen him in a few years. Grandmaster Tae Sun KangGrandmaster Tae Sun Kang

My present instructor. 8th degree. He did not have natural ability. He worked hard to get where he is now. He now is in charge of 3 schools, Bensonhurst, Ave U and Sheepshead bay. He is powerful and can control the weather.

His funny advice:
I used to drink a can of soda a day and got plump.
I stopped drinking it and I was skinny again
His other advice:
Ask him, its too much to fit on the web.

Christina Kang (Suh Bum Nihm Christina)

My white belt instructor. She has a mean turning back hook kick

Paula Blum (Mrs. Blum)

Been there longer than almost all of the other instructors. Now an instructor. Rumored to be a bowler as well. Still active in the schools.

BillyBilly Mar (Suh Bum Nihm Mar)

The number 2 student in the school as far as long time next to Suh Bum Nihm Christina. Beware, he has a good sense of humor and is an excellent instructor. He can do anything, even the finger of death! Look for him in the Sheepshead Bay school and have fun.

David Tu (Suh Bum Nihm 2)

The newest of the suh Bum Nihms. His specialty is teaching basics and flexibility. He has a special flare for teaching yellow belts. He got married and last I met him (a few years ago) he had the best techniques in the class!

Past and still in contact but not teaching insturctors

JayJay Lester (Mr. Lester)

My brother. He made incredible improvement. He started and taught his own club in college and visits the schools frequently even though he cannot be there all the time.

JohnJohn Bonilla (Bone Killer, Suh Bum Nihm)

Used to head the Bensonhurst school, now works with the Sheepshead bay school. Hs is fast, strong, has good techniques and is an excellent instructor. He has excellent basics, sparring, breaking, forms, speed, etc... He has expanded into Brazillian Jujuitu under Renzo and others and other martial arts.

Lost Instructors

Master H. Kang

A weapons collector. Had natural ability, now is in charge of the Canarsie school. But I have heard that the Canarsie school is no longer open and I wonder where he is now.

John Genrich

Another very long time student and now an instructor. Used to be the clown of the school. Now is a very powerful student with excellent techniques. He is aspiring to be in the medical profession as a Chiropractor or sports doctor, I believe.

Dennis Buzis (Mr. B, Buzz)

One of the top instructors. He has incredible natural abilities and his strongest point is hard work. He unlike most natural Tae Kwon Do artists actually has improved and stuck with it throughout all the hardships and freak injury, (he dropped a cinder block on his foot once). He's was a security guard and taught in his spare time. But he opened up a superb school in Manhattan recently and its super-cool, with good workouts. Catch up with his exploits on the Upper East Side.

Joe (Joe Sir)

He taught me for my first day in the school. A physicist (which is what I am studying as well). I learned the basics of Tae Kwon Do from him first. I still see him come to the school late at night to practice. He is not an instructor, but has been practicing almost at long as Suh Bum Nihm Mar. His super power is the ability to sweat in large quantities.

Freddy Sir

Fellow student of Suh Bum Nihm Mar. One of my instructors when I was a color belt. He gave up a while ago and I think he became a D.J.

Drew (Drew Sir)

A chiropractor who tries hard to balance and be an instructor as well. He has been practicing a very long time along with Ms. Blum. He taught classes along with Bone Killer when I was in the Bensonhurst school. I've heard something about him and pizza and ices and a boat recently.


I haven't seen her in a while. She was an instructor at one of the schools. Now she teaches in her own school.

and many many others....
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